The first crypto currency ETF, Silvercrown, will debut on Friday.

The company, which specializes in asset management, said it would be launching its ETFs in a bid to raise capital to expand its offerings.

The fund will be backed by the investment arm of Digital Asset Holdings, a private company owned by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Digital Asset is a holding company for the majority of the funds Silvercrippled, which launched in September 2016.

The firm, which is led by former JPMorgan Chase & Co. chief executive Jamie Dimon, has said that its investments have outperformed the market by more than a third.

The Silvercrolls are meant to hedge against rising volatility in digital assets and to hedge the risk of a collapse of the digital currency ecosystem.

Shares of Silvercroyd were up 0.8% in late trading.

“The fund will aim to serve as a catalyst for a new wave of digital asset investors,” the company said in a statement.

The announcement comes as the bitcoin price continues to rise amid speculation that its value could soon overtake that of gold.

Investors are betting on the value of the cryptocurrency, which has been volatile since its inception in 2009.