“The Real Lifewives of OC” star, Amber Tamblyn, has said that her book is “the best book yet.”

Speaking to TMZ, Tamblen said that she was inspired by the success of her book, The Real Life of Amber Tammelon, and has now gone on a mission to sell more copies.

“I was very excited because I love reading.

I love writing,” she said.

“I really enjoyed writing this book.

The first one that I read, I was like, ‘Oh my God, I’m not even reading that.’

I thought, ‘I have to do something with this.

I have to write it.’

So, I started writing it.

And it was really a huge success.

And I think it’s one of the best books that I’ve ever written.”

Tamblyn revealed that she began to research the book when she saw that the book had been praised for its honesty and candor.

“It was very, very honest.

And so I just thought, Well, I need to do a book like that, and I was so inspired by it, that I started researching it and just starting talking about the book and just kind of getting inspired by everything,” she continued.

“And so, when I was in the beginning of the writing, I read a lot of books.

And there was this book that I had read in college.

And this book is about the same thing, and it’s so honest and so real.

So I thought ‘Well, I can write this book and be honest.’

And I started reading.

And that was the beginning.”

Read more”I wanted to write about all the things that I feel that I want to write and all the stuff that I would never say or do in real life, and then also how I feel when I’m sitting in front of my phone or watching TV, and that is not really my real life.

I feel like it’s a lot more real,” Tamblynn continued.”

So, I wanted to talk about all those things and I thought about the real life stuff and then just how I see it.”

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