The Blockchain Investment Trust (BITS) is a new asset management firm with a goal of saving asset owners the pain of paying their own fees.

The firm has raised a seed round from Digital Asset Management (DAM), with participation from a number of other investors including Accenture, Baidu, Barclays, Capital One, Bank of America, CIBC, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, E*Trade, Fidelity, HSBC, JPMorgan Chase, Mizuho, Morgan Stanley, Microsoft, Microsoft Research, NYSE Arca, OpenBazaar, and TechCrunch.

The startup is currently building a secure, open-source blockchain solution for asset managers, and will be using the new system to provide “an efficient and secure way to manage and transfer assets.”

BFDI has partnered with the BITS Trust and the Asset Management and Asset Recovery Group (AMERG) to create the new asset protection and trust model.

The BITS will provide a platform to invest in asset managers who want to manage their own portfolios of assets.

BFDI’s asset management service will allow investors to: “buy” assets with a secure and secure-looking platform; “sell” assets to other investors for a fixed fee; “share” assets among multiple investors for an average fee; and “take” assets that investors own to fund their own investment.

BFIDIs investment in the asset management industry is an important part of its mission statement, which is to help the investment community move forward in this new space.

The BFID platform is designed to make the process of managing and transferring assets much simpler, while still allowing for transparency and accountability, and allowing for the management of the investments to be completely transparent.

For example, BFID will offer an asset management platform for individuals who want a secure-and-secure way to fund the investment in an asset manager, but may want to invest their own funds in an outside company, which would be an easier process to handle.

BFIDA is also working with existing assets management companies, such as Bespoke Asset Management, which has the ability to offer its customers the ability, through an automated process, to manage assets from the company.

For companies like Bespoked Asset Management that want to automate their own asset management, BFIDA’s asset creation and management platform will be a great option for them to tap into.

BFIDS asset management services will allow the asset manager to: