FIFA 15’s launch was delayed from September 1st to June 30th, but its already been downloaded over 30 million times and sold over 6.5 million copies.

This isn’t just a big achievement for the game itself, it’s also a sign that the game is doing better than expected.

FIFA 15 has received its fair share of criticism and even some controversy, with some players having a difficult time adjusting to the new FIFA experience.

This is largely due to the game’s new interface and controls, which have been changed in order to make it more accessible for those who are new to FIFA.

The changes to the interface include the removal of the ‘scoreboard’ in favor of a simpler ‘Match Scores’ tab, while the revamped FIFA Tactics has also been updated to allow players to better gauge their position on the pitch.

FIFA also made a number of improvements to the gameplay, with new player animations and a new AI-controlled ‘Danger Room’ mode.

The main change to the match-to-match experience, however, is that FIFA 15 now supports online play.

While this might not be the biggest news for the first FIFA title in a while, it shows that FIFA is still capable of breaking out new genres and adding new experiences to the franchise.