Westdale Asset Management has issued a statement on the sale of the Westdale Stadium to Adelaide for $20.5 million, making it the most expensive sale of any property in the WA region.

The club said the deal will see Adelaide take ownership of the football facility and play its home matches at the venue for the first time in more than two decades.

Westdale chairman Tony MacKenzie said the club would “not hesitate to go back into the stadium to host its games”.

“We will not be short of a great home base for the club, with a fantastic stadium, an amazing community and a great history that we share with our fans, many of whom are our most loyal supporters,” Mr MacKlenzie said.

“The club is looking forward to the new season and we look forward to working closely with Adelaide to ensure our fans are at the heart of the success of our football club.”

Mr MacKenzies comments come just two weeks after the WA Government confirmed the Westfield Centre would not be re-routed for the 2015 Commonwealth Games.

Westfield’s previous owner, CSL Holdings, sold the club in 2013 to a group led by billionaire Mark Leibovitz for $US15 million ($18.5m).

The deal saw the club move to Perth for a five-year period before re-joining the Western Bulldogs in a deal worth $US1.5 billion.

Mr Mac Klenzie says he expects the new owners to have a different approach to the stadium and are looking to return the club to Perth.

“I think the club will be much more in the heart and soul of the Perth community,” he said.

The Westdale Arena was built in 1950 by the West Australian Football League (WAFL).

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