By default, Star Wars Droid Factory will print out a 3d model of your droid, with options for different body parts, different eyes, etc. But in order to make it more realistic, you can also select different textures, add text, and even tweak colors.

The 3D scanner also comes with an integrated 3D editor, allowing you to create your own models, add custom animations, and more.

There are also some other neat features like textured models that you can upload to the web.

But the most impressive feature is the 3D Scanner itself.

It’s made up of two main components: a scanner that uses laser light to scan your model, and a scanner-based software.

If you have a printer that can print out your own 3D models, you will need to get the scanner software installed and the printer to run.

Otherwise, you’ll need to buy the printer from Amazon and then install the software.

In short, you need to have an Amazon Echo and the 3d scanner to use it.

You can download the 3rd party software from Amazon.

But before you do, we wanted to show you how to set it up, as well as show you the best 3D printing applications for Star Wars fans.