When you see a picture of the iconic Disney Princesses, you know that they’re all part of the Disney Family.

The Disney Channel and ABC are also owned by Disney, which means you’ll probably be seeing more of the beloved Disney characters in the news in the coming months.

So when it came to the deal that brought the ABC Family into the Disney family fold, there were several factors that made it worth the money.

It was a good time to buy, Disney CEO Bob Iger said.

It also was a time when Disney was looking for a way to grow the business, according to Iger.

The network is expected to be one of Disney’s top brands for the coming year.

It’s also a good place to start a Disney channel, according Iger, who added that the deal could have made for a great Christmas gift for anyone looking to start their own network.

The ABC Family’s new Disney channel is set to debut this year.