Republican leaders of the House and Senate have withdrawn their proposals to block the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh as the next EPA administrator, according to a statement from the Senate Finance Committee.

The Senate Finance committee announced Wednesday that it had withdrawn its proposal to block Kavanaugh from the confirmation process.

The announcement comes after the White House on Thursday said it would nominate Kavanaugh to the federal bench.

The statement from committee chairman Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., said that the committee was “firmly opposed to the nomination” of Kavanaugh, saying that the Senate had not heard any of the evidence presented in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings that led to the rejection of the nomination.

It is disappointing that Republicans are moving forward with a nomination that has been rejected by the Senate, Sanders said.

Democrats are already holding a public hearing on Kavanaugh on Wednesday.

Republicans are not the only party that is looking to block him.

The White House and the Democratic-led Senate are also trying to stall the nomination in the House.

They are pushing for a two-thirds majority to block any nomination, which would be required for a confirmation vote.

The Republican leaders have said they will only consider a nomination if it has been submitted by Thursday morning.