By STEPHEN HAYDEN US President Donald Trump is set to spend more than $3 billion on infrastructure projects over the next decade, according to a White House document released Wednesday.

The White House’s Strategic Plan for Infrastructure Projects is aimed at building up the country’s energy infrastructure, which is vital to keeping the economy growing.

It calls for more than a half billion dollars in new spending over the decade, with the bulk coming from federal, state and local governments.

The plan also includes a proposal to add another $3bn in funding to the federal reserve, the central bank, to bolster the economy.

It is a shift from the Obama administration, which spent more than half a billion dollars on infrastructure in its first two years in office, but has since scaled back the spending.

The Trump administration, however, is likely to spend billions more on infrastructure over the years as the economy slows and the United States prepares to exit the Paris climate agreement, which aims to cut carbon emissions.

The plan also commits $4 billion for energy-efficiency improvements in the country.

It says that by 2040, the US would be able to produce half its electricity from renewable sources and reduce its reliance on fossil fuels by 90%.

The White and Democratic parties have long called for a large increase in spending on infrastructure, particularly in the United Sates.

The Obama administration proposed spending $4.2 trillion over the coming decade on infrastructure.