What are assets? 

 When a person owns an asset, it is generally the property itself that is the asset. 

The property can be the house, a car, or a piece of real estate. 

What is an asset? 

Assets are generally valued using a market value system, or MVA, which is a market-based valuation of a property. 

MVA is used in many different industries. 

For example, the value of a house depends on its value in the market. 

A house with a market price of $100,000 is valued at $10 million. 

Another example is a car with a value of $40,000. 

This is why it is important to evaluate what assets are worth. 

Here are some of the most common and commonly used MVA values in the financial services industry:Real estateReal estate, or homes, is a term that includes all kinds of properties, including condos, apartment buildings, and condominiums. 

Real estate includes both residential and commercial properties, and it includes many types of structures. 

However, it also includes real estate investment trusts (REITs), which are a type of company owned by investors that own real estate in order to invest money. 

There are many types, but most commonly the most widely used are REITs. 

  The REIT is a company that holds real estate for the benefit of its investors. 

  In most cases, the REIT will invest its own money to purchase the properties, either directly or through an intermediary. 

  Real estate investment trustReal estate investments are usually for private residences, office buildings, or other real estate structures. 

 For example: a large company that owns a large amount of land and/or a large number of buildings in a single location. 

  A small business with an average income that has grown and is diversifying into other businesses. 

  An investment bank that is involved in an investment portfolio. 

These types of investment funds are usually backed by bonds or other financial instruments, such as stocks and bonds, or are structured in a manner that makes it very difficult for the REITS to lose money.

Real estate marketThe market value of real properties, or assets, is based on a number of factors, such to a certain degree, based on the type of property, and the location of the property. 

 There are several types of real property markets: Real Estate Investment TrustsReal estate investors purchase real estate, often through an investment company. 

REIT’s are also known as REIT banks, but they are not usually associated with real estate investing. 

  There are four primary types of REIT, based upon their nature. 


Residential real estateReal property is typically the most desirable type of real asset for investors. 

Most people, including real estate investors, would agree that the primary value of residential real estate is its market value, or its value at the time of purchase. 

Property values tend to be higher for a property that is located in a large metropolitan area, because people want to live in places where they can easily see the city. 

If a property has been in the same building for a long period of time, then it may have deteriorated. 


Commercial real estateCommercial real estate refers to property that contains commercial buildings, including office buildings. 

Commercial real property can include buildings with office spaces, or office space apartments. 


Retail real estateThe retail value of property is based upon the retail value per square foot. 

Many commercial real estate deals involve selling a property to a buyer, but the seller is also responsible for paying rent, taxes, and insurance. 


Real estate investment companyThe investment company that a real estate investor has chosen to invest in is often called the “real estate investment vehicle” or REIT. 

Investors in these types of companies invest money in real estate investments. 

Typically, a realtor will buy a property from a realestate investor, and then an investment manager will manage the investment. 

Some real estate REIT’s have different investment models, but all REIT investors will typically invest in some type of asset.

Realty property is often classified into a number or categories. 

In general, it can be classified into: Residential Real Estate (RRE) Residence Real Estate Investment (RREI) Commercial Real EstateInvestment companies typically invest money for rental properties, such properties that have been in their current building for more than a decade. 

Often, they will be in the middle of the market, with prices starting around $300,000, or around the $1.6 million price tag for a typical mid-sized city. 

 Many RREI’s will also invest in condominium projects, and some REIT managers may also own other types of buildings. 

 In addition to renting and investing in properties, some real estate