As “SickofOddity” approaches, the second instalments in the bizarrely named film franchise are proving to be quite the treat for the fans.

The first instalement, which follows the misadventures of a band of “sicko” pranksters, is set to hit cinemas on February 14.

It stars Tom Cruise and Sam Rockwell, who are joined by “Sicario” actor Jared Leto, who plays “Dirty Harry”.

The film, which is based on a novel by Stephen King, is about the exploits of the pranksters who run a small comic book shop called “The Sideshow”.

In their attempts to survive, they employ various tricks to keep the public entertained, including an attempt to play a puppet on stage by pretending to be a puppet, a set of elaborate props and even an animated version of their “sideshow” character.

The second instale, set in 2018, is a sequel to the hit 2013 comedy.

The plot is a bit more complicated, and focuses on the “SICKO” prankster, who is portrayed by actor and actor who also appears in the sequel, “Deadpool 2” star Ryan Reynolds.

As part of a collaboration with the New York City Film Society, Reynolds will star in the film alongside a cast of other well-known actors including John Goodman, Jack Black, Kevin Bacon, Paul Rudd, and Kate Hudson.”SICKOFO” was originally produced by the same production company as the 2015 movie, “The Ridiculous Six”.

It was followed by a series of sequels, including a spin-off titled “SICARIA”.

“The SICKO movie franchise is about two young kids who are just trying to survive a terrible time,” the New Zealand production company said in a statement.

“We’re thrilled to be able to bring our brand of humour and absurdity to the big screen.”

While it’s unlikely “SCHOOL” will be able the same level of success, there’s still plenty of excitement for fans who have already picked up “SODA”, the next instale of the “sicky” series.

Director Peter Berg recently told The New York Times that the new movie will be “a whole new level of insanity”.

“We’re looking at the film as an attempt at a sequel of sorts, to the original film,” he said.

“The original film was about the clowns and the clown movies and then the clown movie is about that.

The SICKOs were the ones who created that clown movie and it’s about the Clowns and Clowns.””SODAH” is set for release on February 19, 2019.