Google is offering to help find the unclaimed property of people who find it on the internet, even if it means losing their job.

The search engine said it was looking for the property of “unclaimed property” if someone “finds it on Google search, YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, or any other platform where they search for an entity that they believe belongs to someone”.

This is a very rare circumstance, and we need to make sure it is caught,” Google told the BBC.

Google has a history of offering a little help to search engines when it comes to unclaimed properties, but this is the first time it has offered to help with a genuine problem.

In December 2015, it also offered to take down a fake news website that claimed the site’s editor was a CIA agent.

The UK-based company also offers a similar service to search engine users in its search results.

The idea of using Google to find unowned property is new.

The search giant has a reputation for doing this, which makes it an interesting opportunity for a company that has long sought to improve its reputation in the field of technology.

Google does have a reputation as a company who helps businesses, but there have been times when Google has failed to find the real owner of a website.

In 2016, it tried to block the sale of the home of an anonymous person, and in May this year, Google blocked the sale and purchase of the homes of two homeless people.

In recent years, Google has been criticized for failing to find real estate agents who are willing to take on the search engine’s advertising business.

Last month, a Google spokesperson said that it does not currently provide any sort of service to help property owners.

Instead, the spokesperson told the Verge: “We offer real estate services, and if we can help, we’ll offer those services, including direct search results and links to property listings.”

In this instance, it’s possible Google may be able to help get the real owners of the property identified.

However, Google could still end up making things harder for the real estate agent who is in the right place at the right time.