Google is rolling out a new feature for Google News, a new tool that will let you automatically flag items you deem relevant and help the search giant track down news content that you don’t have the time or resources to access.

The new “Search For” feature, which is coming in the next few months, will let users easily search for specific keywords, articles, videos, and photos by category.

The feature, according to Google, is designed to help users find more relevant information from the search results, while also helping Google “improve the quality and usefulness of your experience on Google News.”

The feature works on a sliding scale, which can be adjusted on the fly.

For example, if you want to find a specific article about the new Star Wars film, you can choose to only search for the article by category, which will then only find relevant articles that are relevant to your search.

If you’re interested in reading more about the feature, the company has a quick explanation below.

Once you’ve set up the feature by going to the Search For menu, you’ll find a button that says, “Choose the category you want.

You can search by keyword, title, author, location, or topic.”

This will then give you the option to filter by other relevant search terms.

The new feature can also be used for a “general keyword,” which can include topics you’re searching for in the article, as well as specific words that you’re looking for in specific articles.

Google also says the feature will “prevent search engines from marking articles as relevant to the search term,” and the company says it “will help improve the quality of your search experience by helping you find more pertinent news content.”

If you want more information about the search feature, check out the full press release below: